Moving On

My evening, and every other this week, has been spent packing up my room with a glass of wine in hand because, as every student knows, it's time to move again. I've been MIA for the past year because of a variety of reasons, namely because I chose to focus my entire attention on my… Continue reading Moving On


Week Three

This is the first week that I've managed to read during my commute. Before now I found watching people getting on with their day far too compelling, not that the novelty of London has worn off in any way. I still get excited when there's a seat free right at the front of the bus.… Continue reading Week Three

On the move

  The tale of a zealous student's first interview for an extremely exciting and promising industry job. At last things have been happening. A month of unfruitful emails and tentative flat searches passed before anything happened. I got one response offering an interview but unfortunately they 'found our new Studio Assistant' before I had the chance to… Continue reading On the move