Not in Kansas anymore

Four main differences between being in university, working a part-time job and working in the industry. Before going to university I had a handful of part-time jobs, predominantly bars, which on my CV I have of course said taught me a whole host of employable skills, but truth be told they mostly just taught me… Continue reading Not in Kansas anymore


Tate Date

Although my interests have largely shifted from art to design in the last few years I still have a deep appreciation for art, plus I now only live a stone's throw away from the Tate Modern so it seemed rude not to visit. As a follow on from my confession that my head has in… Continue reading Tate Date

On the move

  The tale of a zealous student's first interview for an extremely exciting and promising industry job. At last things have been happening. A month of unfruitful emails and tentative flat searches passed before anything happened. I got one response offering an interview but unfortunately they 'found our new Studio Assistant' before I had the chance to… Continue reading On the move

Autokind V’s Mankind

Although it's arguable that presentation skills are more important and useful in the design industry than written communication, it is still important to be able to demonstrate ideas cohesively through written work. For this reason one of my modules, Context and Critical Studies, is assessed on an essay that is written and critiqued during the semester. Above… Continue reading Autokind V’s Mankind