Preparing to Prepare

Blogging is something I really enjoy doing by rarely find the time to do. While I recognise it’s something that could further my studies and career, it’s also something I never want to take priority over my degree. Having said that, this year I have made a promise to myself (and the few regular readers I am thankful for) to make more time to blog.

I began this blog with the intention of not only keeping track of the things I’ve seen and learnt, but also as a tool for others planning to embark on a course like mine or come to the University of Hertfordshire. For this reason I’d like to dedicate myself to blogging more about my lectures.

And what better way to kick this off than by telling you about the first lecture of my new module, Professional Development: Preparing for Industry

This is a module I was really excited to start this semester as placement year is looming and I still feel relatively in the dark about what that really entails. Fortunately Erica, my lecturer, seems to have more than her fair share of knowledge to impart. With three degrees under her belt, plenty of experience in the design industry and a handful of years as a lecturer, I’m eager to begin working with her.

In her module we will be creating professional portfolios, creative CV’s and other business promotions such as business cards, as well as towards the end of the semester taking part in mock interviews. During this interview, which is 50% of my module, I will be assessed on my portfolio, CV, cover letter, business cards and the overall physical presentation of my work and myself.

Although the money was never what drew me to the profession the anecdote of a graduate owning their own house three years after graduating defiitely made my ears prick up, and also realise that it’s now time to start considering the future. Time to start planning where I would like to live and work, whether or not I want a studio based job or whether I want to be out meeting clients and donning muddy boots and hard hat to inspect the progress of sites. Naturally, anyone who knows me will know the rushing around to different meeting, pen hastily stowed in my hair and still coming home with an armful of drawings and maps is something that I’m thrilled to inflict on myself.




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