My absence

This semester has been a difficult one for me for many reasons, some that I will share with you and others I will not.

Firstly, adjusting to second year took time. I can’t comment on whether living in halls or in your own house is better or worse but I can certainly say it’s different. Also, the work load and subsequent quality of that work expected of second years is much grater. I feel like I’ve spent the whole of last semester either perched in front of AutoCAD or washing up.

Secondly, due to shitty lecturers and  unfortunate circumstances completing the work was very challenging and time consuming. Our brief this year (which I realise I haven’t shared with you yet, but I will) was to redesign the walkway of a building in Stevenage. Alas, the existing floor plans for the building were harder to find than a needle in a haystack which made beginning the project very difficult. It meant a lot of head in hand moments, site visits and the necessary purchase of a tape measure.

And finally, i’ll finish of my hat-trick with the ambiguous reason of personal issues.


But, I will be back.


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