All Hail Halls

I can’t help but look longingly at my old flat as I walk past now, I made a lot of memories and friends in flat 38. And while it wasn’t hard to say goodbye to the messy kitchen, campus security and the weekly fire alarm check, it was certainly a chapter of my life I will look back on fondly for many reasons. Here are some of the perks of living in halls

1. Being close to your lectures. One thing I miss already is being able to blurry eyed note the time as 9.30 and know I would still have time to get ready and make it to my 10am with enough time to make myself a tea for the walk.

Living close to your lecture halls, or studio for me, also comes in handy when you have to carry in half your art supply.


2. Campus, despite housing thousands of people and being almost constantly occupied by hoards of drunk people past a certain hour, feels incredibly safe thanks to campus security. Also on hand if things so south are the Resident Assistants, friendly third years who live on campus and respond to the less urgent matters like friend/flatmate disputes.

3. You’ll meet some of your best friends living in halls.


4. I can’t speak for every university campus but University of Hertfordshire has a very well equipped campus. It hosts an impressive; pub, club, launderette, doctors, pharmacy, gym, sports courts, doddle, art shop, restaurant, SU shop, library and even cleaners for communal areas in halls. You can also get your hands on a mean meal deal in most of the buildings.



5. Living in halls is a very cushioned entrance into adult life, allowing baby steps towards independence, rather than being pushed straight into the world of paying bills and wearing every hoodie you own before putting the heating on you get to live in a cosy pre paid limbo.

6. The parties. Enough said


7. It’s probably the nicest flat you’ll have for a while, and it gets cleaned for you.

8. Theres also a real community feel that comes with living in a large flat. One girl in my flat, Emily, was extremely involved in almost everything the uni had to offer, woking in the SU, captain of the ultimate frisbee team and at one point candidate for Vice President of Student Activities. It was warming to see the whole flat support her. We stood by as our kitchen was turned into FRESHHerts headquarters. Pizza and cupcakes being churned out of our kitchen (not the worst part), tea being thrust at us in stamped take away cups as we left the flat in the morning to promote the cause (also not an awful side effect) and all 12 of us sporting posters in our windows.


It’s also nice to be surrounded by the tireless support and understanding of your fellow students. Yes, you’ll all want to rip each others heads off during deadline week but they’re always there when you need help. It’s surprising how much better a mutual look of despair can be, no words required.

9. Food Freedom. It’s really exciting to finally be able to eat what you want, when you want especially if – like me – you like cooking. That also includes drunk cooking when you get home from a night out.

10. However, despite all of the above things I think the thing I’m going to miss the most about living in halls is that it means I’m no longer in first year. I envy the year the freshers have ahead of them, may they make the most of it.




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