Dinner and Drinks

Dinner in my family has always been a wonderfully social occasion. I’m thankful that my parents always impressed on me the importance of sitting around the table and talking at the end of the day. This remains one of my favourite parts of day to day uni life as well as home life. Coming home from a long day at lectures and relaxing while cooking, or watching someone else cook if you’re lucky, with a large glass of wine in hand. Getting all of the niggling annoyances from the day off your chest and reliving the funny moments over dinner is a perfect way to reflect on the day. Busy student living isn’t for everyone but  I personally enjoyed it, living with twelve people ensured that there was always someone to say hello to while you’re downstairs cooking, different days to hear about and music to sauté to.

Anyway, this particular dinner was not a cobbled together uni banquet. It was a spectacular Greek spread.

After a lovely evening and an applaudable amount of wine later we made our way back to my Aunts house where the new guest suit was awaiting me. Previously my youngest cousins room which was transformed swiftly into a stylish guessed room before his bags even landed in his new flat.

Another favourite room of mine in the house is my eldest cousins old room who moved out some time ago to study fine art. Her room, although also now a spare room is still studded with her creative input. The electric blue floor and fun light fitting were hers, however they’ve now been teamed with natural wood and deep Persian rug to create a fresh and sophisticated yet, vibrant eclectic space.


Head over to my Pinterest, specifically my B E D R O O M board to see more design picks a variety of other things


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