Own Brand Student Life

There are a number of somewhat comforting certainties that come with being a student. The first being, you will never have the money to do… anything and the second indelible fact is that somehow you will always find money to go to the pub if invited, especially in summer. The lure of a cold pint on a hot day to a student is frankly irresistible and if it means sacrificing a four pack of Heinz beans for ASDAs own that week then so bloody be it.


Another truth about student life it you can’t get by buying all brand and there comes a point where you realise that the supermarket equivalent isn’t really that bad. I mean, the ketchup has an unusual tang and own brand coke is never the same as branded. But take solace in the fact that any lemonade, not matter how cheap, tastes the same and makes a bottle of wine go at least two glasses further.

The fourth fact about moving to University is that your drink of choice will probably change, most likely to something a little more over draft friendly because you will be drinking a lot. Your overdraft and loan may allow you to continue drinking Disaronno and coke or Smirnoff Vodka but mine certainly didn’t. Half way through the first term I had succumbed to the less enjoyable cider ‘n’ black instead of preferred Strongbow Dark Fruit, which I now only treat myself to when on offer.

The Stella Tower, a perfect example of how ‘You will be drinking a lot’

People will always tell you that your university days will fly by and this is probably because time is a mere concept and honestly you’ve got more chance preforming a synchronised swimming routine than you have sticking to a standard daily one. You may, like me, not realise your nocturnal tendencies until you move home where one of two things will happen:

Scenario One: No one will want to come out with you. None of your non student friends are interested in going to the beach at 2 in the morning or leaving for the pub at 11.

Scenario two: Your parents will naively ask ‘Isn’t it a bit late?’ or ‘Aren’t you tired?’ or ‘Shouldn’t you get some sleep?’, not realising you’ve lived the last year on one good night sleep a week; if you’re lucky.

Of course along side the certainties comes uncertainties, such as will I be able to eat this week? Was that essay 1500 worlds or 2000? Will I get my flat deposit back if the doors hanging off it’s hinges?

Student life teaches you many things, not only how many pints you can drink before you start seeing double or how long you can go without doing your washing. It teaches you a bizzare irresponsible responsibility. You’ll soon find yourself sitting in lectures musing over whether or not there’s enough bread in the cupboard to have a sandwich at lunch and then toast in the morning. I mean, chances are the bread you’re mentally rationing is already mouldy because you’re still a student, but the fact you’re even thinking about bread now is enough to make you feel like you’ve become a seedling adult.



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