Oh, Bournemouth

Although I’ve lived by the sea my entire life my ocean antics have been mostly restricted to blow up rubber rings and foam body boards canvased with the classic shark print, until now…

It may not have been Adventure Wednesday but taking the boat out certainly was an adventure. Seeing the water from the edge is always beautiful, but seeing it from the boat was breathtaking. The trees mirrored perfectly in the silky still water, only disturbed by the path of the boat or the powerful yet graceful stroke of a rowers oar. The midday sun shimming on the waters surface, revealing the quick fish which flit to the top. Clear enough to see straight to the bottom of the shallows,  a watery window into the world beneath.

Bliss is often hard to find, but I found it on the water and I can only hope that  it won’t be the last time.


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