Grand Designs Live

After many years of yearning to attend the Grand Designs Live show I finally got my hands on two tickets, and coincidently the date fell on Adventure Wednesday.

Many of the products on sale were displayed in realistic domestic settings, such as the adventurous childs room above. It combined a whimsical tone with a playful and practical design.

Another design feature that was abundant in the displays was the concept of bringing the outside in, be it via woodland wall paper, living walls or hanging baskets the greenery is a welcome splash in an otherwise dull space. Design company ambius believe a living wall can offer a range of positive effects on a space including; increased alertness and energy levels, improved air quality, reduced stress and even reduced background noise.

There was a vast variety of different textures and tiles dotted around the show, and it appears Moroccan and geometric patterns are all the rage.

As well as a huge range of furniture and home commodities the show boasted a large range of tech and other rad things, such as the Enchanted Creations treehouse. The show also dedicated an area to eco inventions. One of which was the iBamboo Speaker, each carved from bamboo ensuring individuality, creates a ‘stereo-like effect’ using sound distribution. Also featured the beepot planter, which strives to aid the effort towards bee conservation.

Rustic industrial design has become increasingly popular and one way to shoe horn in an industrial edge is in the light fittings.

In the true spirit of Adventure Wednesday we took the Emirates Cable Cars across the Themes on our return to the station. There are many beautiful architectural drop pins along the way. The Quantum Cloud by sculptural artist Antony Gormley being one of them, which tackles the complicated concept that a persons presence and their appearance can be drastically different. And the Millennium Dome, designed by Richard Rogers, which features a robust cable structure which supports the unique dome structure.

I’ll round this post of with a piece of advise, if you ever attend the Grand Design Live show as a young person expect to put on airs and graces. Unfortunately due to an unfair perception of young people we were for the most part, ignored. Luckily Charha and I both wore shirts in an attempt to look moderately smart which opened up the once in a lifetime opportunity to create the alter-ego of two budding property developers.

Worked a treat.


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