Wedding Bells

IMG_1679I was recently honored with the task of designing a family friend’s wedding invitation. The brief was to create a design based around the colours and flowers in her tattoo which was something I immediately wanted to jump into. Being someone who lives their life predominantly in tones rather than colours I was excited to be pushed into a colourful project and for someone who undoubtedly deserves the perfect wedding.

Research is the basis for any project so firstly I began to explore the flowers I was going to include and roughly plan how to display them, naturally I turned to Pinterest. First gathering images on invites which featured flowers, specifically chrysanthemums, and of course taking inspiration from my own glittery wedding board. I have my textiles teacher to thank for drilling into me the importance of using a wide range of materials for research, for this reason, I also trawled through an adult colouring book, Japanese Patterns. It was from this I traced a range of flower designs to decide the arrangement.

Then, let there be colour. It took a while to mix the right colours and much media experimentation. My initial plan was to use watercolours but getting the right colours was difficult, despite how many pencils I own, so I decided to use paint instead, yet another hurdle as I generally work in pencil.

Taking on personal projects is always fun, although a little scary, especially when it’s for a friend – it makes the pressure of doing it justice much higher – however, I was pleasantly surprised that two packets of Frazzles and a few sun soaked hours later I had something vaguely resembling a wedding invitation.

IMG_1904 copyIMG_1905 copyIMG_1909 copy


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