Final Model

Unfortunately after a few too many all nighters I forgot to take pictures of the finished model but I will post pictures when I get my model back from assessment.

One very important part of any submission is ensuring you leave yourself enough time to complete everything, rightly or wrongly I left my model until last. It became an equal mix of stressfully and excitingly close to the mark, although not as late as some of my class mates. I took a personal victory as I passed one girl at 5am on my way home from the library as she was coming in, yet to start her model. One thing I’ve learned from this year is that if I think something will take me 4 hours, it’ll take at least double.

Having said that, it seems almost a right of passage to spend the last nights before your deadline frantically glueing and drawing in the library. This semester I spent my fair share of nights in the LRC (Learning Recourse Centre) with increasingly platonic course mates, bonding over the alarmingly long list of work we still have to do with just a few days to go. Towards the end I was growing less and less concerned with my appearance and eventually, with less than 8 hours to go, I was slumped over the light box, tired, braless and semi defeated.

But somehow it all seems worth it when you realise that you’re free and it makes that first sip of a cold cider on a sunny day taste all the better



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