Although critiques are extremely scary they’re also very rewarding and very helpful if you do them right:

1) Have as much work done as you can, you’ll generally have a deliverables list which you should work through as much as you can prior to the crit, lecturers can’t critique drawings that don’t exist

2) Bring in everything you have, even if you don’t think good or it’s unfinished, bring it anyway

3) Don’t take it personally, or learn to swallow that lump in your throat and quickly blink away tears

4) Listen to the critique of others work, it’s all relevant. It’s easy to tune out and really start to appreciate the tree outside or to be frantically running through your design concept in your head but it helps to listen to others critiques and think how you can manipulate that to fit your work

4) Go around and look at others work, inspiration is always a good thing

5) Everyone’s opinion is valid, but no ones is final

6) Bring a notebook and a pen, take plenty of notes

The first critique admittedly was awful. However, it taught me all of the above which I applied to my second crit and it goes without saying that the second one definitely went considerably better than the first

Just stay calm, have a plan, enjoy it and remember there’s nothing quite like your work being appreciated


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