Lecture Days


Looking at the programme of the space
Bubble Diagrams
Estate agent floor plans
Survey Sketches
| Our group measured the stairs |


Sketchbook work


Working in 1:50 scale
 Images I took in the house


 The images I took in the house were extremely helpful, reverting back to them while creating my floorpans and later to decide the final details of my interior design
 Collecting measurement from other groups
Collating them to create full plans with all the relevant measurements
| Ground Floor |
| Ground Floor |


Our latest Design Studio project is to take number 24 Church Street in Old Hatfield and remodel the interior the artist Permindar Kaur in mind.

After meeting with Permindar to receive our design brief the next step was to absorb this information and create a comprehensive concept from it. We then, before creating our own, had to familiarise ourselves with the floor plans of the house, we did this using basic floor plans provided on an estate agent listing. We also visited the house and carried out a survey, taking measurements and sketches so later we could apply a 1:50 scale to create our own more accurate floor plans.

We later applied our design concepts to the existing floor plans to create proposed floor plans. Later comes the design but first, comes the structure


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