Greece | Athens

In February 2016 I visited Athens with my university. Here I found a true fondness for travel.

I also went to a gay bar and climbed a mountain.

The aim of the trip was to collaborate with fellow Greek design students on an explorative project using images, sketches and collage to show the battle between public and private spaces in Athens.


One of the first things I noticed was how derelict the majority of the buildings were. The treatment of buildings is so vastly different to that in England, back home classical architecture is more than likely listed let alone allowed to dishevel and be marked with public art. Architecture is left to the public in Athens.

IMG_0561IMG_0560IMG_0632IMG_0555IMG_0508IMG_0525The ruins are visible from the street, while something to be marveled at they become daily life for the locals IMG_0532The streets were lined with these textures tiles which are apparently there to guide the blind around the city with greater ease. IMG_0533Perhaps because of the economic status of Greece, the old and new merge in a seamless way. Buildings are very rarely knocked down or rebuilt, merely added to or renovated creating a patchwork of historical and modernIMG_0536IMG_0544IMG_0546Snake skin pathIMG_0559IMG_0861IMG_0858IMG_0852IMG_0848IMG_0860IMG_0845Monastiraki SquareIMG_0843IMG_0833IMG_0830IMG_0832IMG_0829IMG_0817IMG_0815IMG_0814IMG_0796

IMG_0794IMG_0792IMG_0789IMG_0644IMG_0643IMG_0640IMG_0639IMG_0638IMG_0628IMG_0627IMG_0624Peds line the streets. On our third day, during our visit to the university, I asked Tassios why there were barriers that made it hard for even people to pass through (although short enough to step over) and he explained that if they weren’t there the public spaces would be awash with shoddily parked peds

The Acropolis Museum

Architect: Bernard Tschumi of New York and Micheal Photiadis of Athens

IMG_0563IMG_0574IMG_0576IMG_0610The top floor, the Parthenon Gallery, was designed to allow spectacular and unique views of Athens and of the historical Parthenon

The Project

Teaming up with the Greek students gave us the opportunity to explore the town a little more authentically, and fortunately, Tassios was more than happy to show us the true Athens which I captured above.

It was these images we used to complete the mapping challenge at the Faculty of Applied Arts and Design with Tassios and Marileni. Each group chose to focus on a different aspect of public and private spaces. One group presented a series of maps which showed a correlation between the sun path through the streets and the position of market stalls.

IMG_0661Tassios and Marileni; Our local12771889_10209244466534788_1537472921283159367_oMy sketchbookIMG_0695IMG_0696The University of Athens’ resident art supply shopIMG_0698IMG_0699

The Mountain

The last day was ours to spend as we pleased and I’m thankful I spent mine filling up on a breakfast of fresh quiche before climbing a mountain to see The Parthenon.



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