Thank heaven for Halls

‘By seeking and blundering we learn.’ 
― Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

It’s a mothers job to drill into us that there’s no better way to learn than from your own mistakes but that doesn’t mean that we can’t sometimes take a little heads up from other people’s fuck ups. For instance, two years ago now, my brother through no fault of his own didn’t get halls at his chosen University so pays a sizable amount for a small and studenty flat which he shares with two other students. The last two years have been difficult for him in almost every respect, as they probably are for most new University students. His University experience had thus far been under a big black money lacking rain cloud because of him having to pay more rent and bills that aren’t an issue in halls. It’s been hard for him to gather together money for rent, budget for food and deal with unexpected expenses all while working toward a degree and holding down a job. I’ve witnessed him stuffing handfuls of coffee shop sugar in to his pockets in order to fill up his own sugar jar later and been there for tears over unexpected Counsel Tax bills. His experiences have taught me a lot about how to handle the little money I have as a student on important things like toilet roll and food as opposed to books or lip stick (even if it does last for 8 hours. There’s no shame in reapplying anyway) I’ve also learned that although 5 Jäger Bombs for £10 is cheap, the price you pay for not always handing work in by the deadline isn’t. But most importantly I suppose it taught me to fight, as if I’m in The Hunger Games, for a room in Residential Halls

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